Black History “Month”

Nubian Sphynx, originally uploaded by seriykotik1970.

I’ve been thinking, on and off, about posting something for Black History Month (October in UK). I’ve felt divided, as I feel passionate that all history and contributions from all races be shared regularly as an integrated part of education and everyday life, without there being a need for a designated time, month, day, week, for this to occur.

I do, however, accept that the truth of the matter of the world in which I live, is currently dominated by the story and contributions of one main people; meaning so many other important people and contributors world wide and throughout time have not got the recognition or acknowledgment of existence which they are due, through the very act of all people, countries and races having contributed in some way, shape or form to making the world the place it its today.

So, in light of this, I include a link to an audio track, a piece of music in honour and aid of the struggle that many “people of African descent”, (or whatever terminology fits for you) have in continually piecing together the pieces of their history and identity which was severed and shattered throughout the hundreds of years of inhumane mental, physical and spiritual enslavement of their African ancestors, and whose effects and impact can still be witnessed today.

Prosperity X

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Yellow Roses = Friendship, originally uploaded by “M” PEARL.


Maybe the task is not to forget
But to remember.
In the laying of Yellow Roses
One remembers, one accepts
And acknowledges the passing of what was
That it is gone now.

But through knowing them
And allowing them to know you
You’ve been changed.
Changed somehow, on some level, in some way.

And then you look up.
Knowing that that time is not here, now.
That that experience has passed
And you move on.

Clear in the knowledge that what was, is now a part of your memory
That, that experience will always exist inside you, as a part of your history
And of what lays the foundations of your journeys to come.

((c) J.P. 27/10/07)



I’ve wanted to post something for days, but have felt uninspired to write something. Is this “Writers’ block”? If so, I’ve never had it before!

Anyway, to solve my dilemma, I’ve thought creatively and decided to post a poem written a couple of years ago.

It marked the ending of a relationship and about how when a relationship ends, in whatever way and for whatever reason, we retain a part of knowing that person. Whether that’s a memory, a habit or skill we’ve acquired by being around them or even a quality we’ve developed in ourselves through their sharing a part in our lives. It’s about valuing and acknowledging what remains after the relationship is gone and how that continues with us in our present and into our future.

Prosperity X

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272/365 – Sadness, originally uploaded by elineart.

“Smile, it may never happen.” How many times, in my life, have I heard this? I was reminded about this a couple of evenings ago, on my journey home when I overheard some people talking. “….when people say, smile, it may never happen. But what if it has just happened?”

“What a valid point”, I thought. I used to hear this comment a lot, many years ago. My initial customary response would be to immediately flash a warm and beaming smile.

When I got to know myself a bit better my response changed and I’d generally maintain my facial expression and ask the speaker, “Why?”, or if I felt very upset, angrily bark back, “What, to make you feel better?”

Why respond angrily? Because after a while, I began to see it as an infringement of my right to facially express my genuine feelings. I also realised that strangers who said that weren’t saying it out of genuine concern, but as a way to manage their un-comfort ability or feelings they felt in response to seeing my unhappiness.

I very rarely hear or respond to that comment now. Maybe because, if people say it to me, I don’t really listen, as I’ve accepted that what they say has nothing really to do with me, so I continue to allow my face to express whatever feeling I have inside, whether smile or frown.

Prosperity X

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Is this the Autumn of my life?

Red trees, LWPF, & a path, originally uploaded by joiseyshowaa.

Is this the autumn of my life?

Since my daughter announced her pregnancy at the beginning of the year, this question has kept coming back to me. Stereotype images flashing through my mind of a grey-haired woman, sitting in her rocking chair, knitting, suggest so.  However having barely reached my mid thirties, when she told me, seemed to suggest something different.

Well, the granddaughter arrived, just as the leaves were beginning to turn brown.  “How symbolic”, I thought, “As one phase ends, a new one begins and so in my life.”

When autumn has come around before, I’ve often thought of these things, about how things die to give way for something new, the leaves fall and die, fall to the ground and provide nutrients for what’s to come in the spring.

I’ve wondered about the grieving of this process and my need to grieve what is now gone, as well as celebrate what remains and look forward to what’s to come.

What is gone is a 2 generational relationship between my daughter and myself where I’ve seen my “job” as showing and introducing her to the world as one who (possibly) knows more.

Now exists a 3 generational relationship, where although my daughter still looks to me for guidance, I strive to acknowledge her knowledge as a mother, someone who’s making decisions for her own offspring based on her own life experiences, thoughts, beliefs, ideals and values.

What is developing and being looked forward to is developing and forming this new relationship with my Granddaughter and the things that we’ll explore, share and experience together.

What mixture of sadness and joy I noticed recently that illustrates all of this:

When my daughter was little, we used to go to out to parks and places where the autumn leaves had fallen and stamp out tunes in the leaves.  Something I’d forgotten until my daughter did it last week as we walked through the park pushing the pushchair.

So, how thrilled and in celebration I am about the prospect of my daughter passing onto her daughter something fun and special that we had shared in the past and at the same time, sad that we won’t share those things together in the same way.

The birth of her own child truly signified to me that she’s not “my little girl” anymore, and I’m no longer the “most important” person in her life.  Her daughter rightfully is.

So, is this the autumn of my life?  I think that this is up to me to decide and to live in whichever season of life fits the truth of who I am and where I am in my life.  And I decide that this is the start of my summer!

Prosperity X

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