272/365 – Sadness, originally uploaded by elineart.

“Smile, it may never happen.” How many times, in my life, have I heard this? I was reminded about this a couple of evenings ago, on my journey home when I overheard some people talking. “….when people say, smile, it may never happen. But what if it has just happened?”

“What a valid point”, I thought. I used to hear this comment a lot, many years ago. My initial customary response would be to immediately flash a warm and beaming smile.

When I got to know myself a bit better my response changed and I’d generally maintain my facial expression and ask the speaker, “Why?”, or if I felt very upset, angrily bark back, “What, to make you feel better?”

Why respond angrily? Because after a while, I began to see it as an infringement of my right to facially express my genuine feelings. I also realised that strangers who said that weren’t saying it out of genuine concern, but as a way to manage their un-comfort ability or feelings they felt in response to seeing my unhappiness.

I very rarely hear or respond to that comment now. Maybe because, if people say it to me, I don’t really listen, as I’ve accepted that what they say has nothing really to do with me, so I continue to allow my face to express whatever feeling I have inside, whether smile or frown.

Prosperity X

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