Yellow Roses = Friendship, originally uploaded by “M” PEARL.


Maybe the task is not to forget
But to remember.
In the laying of Yellow Roses
One remembers, one accepts
And acknowledges the passing of what was
That it is gone now.

But through knowing them
And allowing them to know you
You’ve been changed.
Changed somehow, on some level, in some way.

And then you look up.
Knowing that that time is not here, now.
That that experience has passed
And you move on.

Clear in the knowledge that what was, is now a part of your memory
That, that experience will always exist inside you, as a part of your history
And of what lays the foundations of your journeys to come.

((c) J.P. 27/10/07)



I’ve wanted to post something for days, but have felt uninspired to write something. Is this “Writers’ block”? If so, I’ve never had it before!

Anyway, to solve my dilemma, I’ve thought creatively and decided to post a poem written a couple of years ago.

It marked the ending of a relationship and about how when a relationship ends, in whatever way and for whatever reason, we retain a part of knowing that person. Whether that’s a memory, a habit or skill we’ve acquired by being around them or even a quality we’ve developed in ourselves through their sharing a part in our lives. It’s about valuing and acknowledging what remains after the relationship is gone and how that continues with us in our present and into our future.

Prosperity X

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