Black History “Month”

Nubian Sphynx, originally uploaded by seriykotik1970.

I’ve been thinking, on and off, about posting something for Black History Month (October in UK). I’ve felt divided, as I feel passionate that all history and contributions from all races be shared regularly as an integrated part of education and everyday life, without there being a need for a designated time, month, day, week, for this to occur.

I do, however, accept that the truth of the matter of the world in which I live, is currently dominated by the story and contributions of one main people; meaning so many other important people and contributors world wide and throughout time have not got the recognition or acknowledgment of existence which they are due, through the very act of all people, countries and races having contributed in some way, shape or form to making the world the place it its today.

So, in light of this, I include a link to an audio track, a piece of music in honour and aid of the struggle that many “people of African descent”, (or whatever terminology fits for you) have in continually piecing together the pieces of their history and identity which was severed and shattered throughout the hundreds of years of inhumane mental, physical and spiritual enslavement of their African ancestors, and whose effects and impact can still be witnessed today.

Prosperity X

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