Fitness Frenzy!

Pilates:dicas de exercícios para trabalho abdominal, originally uploaded by metalifepilates.

For some reason recently the urge to get fit, to tone and sculpt my body, has got stronger and stronger for me, almost as if I’m on the edge of being swept into some kind of fitness frenzy!

“Maybe”, I thought, “it’s because of the fact that summer’s just around the corner, so it’s a time when many people want to ‘shape the body beautiful’”. However, upon reflection, I think there’s more to it than this.

I’ve never been one to be interested in the body or in physical things as a whole, but now I’m becoming more and more interested.

Money, material possessions and physical health, things that I’ve not shown much interest in, in the past, instead choosing to put my focus into spiritual and emotional development, are becoming increasingly more and more important to me.

For many years I’ve heard about the importance of living a “balanced” life. That we are “Whole” beings – mind, body, spirit and emotion and I guess in some way, I’ve tried to live that, theoretically, but not in actuality.

In theory, if I strive to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy, wealthy and fulfilled, then it would stand to reason that, by default, being physically, materially and financially healthy, wealthy and fulfilled, would be a natural part of the course to living a balance life and honouring myself as a complete and “whole” individual.

I think my new found drive to “define my abs and tone these-ceps and those-ceps” make sense to me when looked at this way – as a part of my bigger journey to fine tune, sculpt and create myself and my life to reflect all parts of who I am.

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The Bus…

London Bus, originally uploaded by f0rbe5.

…My Office!

I’ve often thought, “I need an office”. A space where I can do my work, write my blog posts, design courses and workshops, make business plans and similar things. A designated place to do all those things and other “work” related things.

I had thought, for a long time that the spare room, I now have since my daughter left home, would be great for that purpose. But over a year later, the room is still empty.

No desk, writing table, bookshelves or computer strategically arranged to maximise my creative and business potential.

I began to wonder why this was. Why, upon having this room, this space that wasn’t being used for anything at all, why I hadn’t moved my “work” and creative projects in there.

What I began to realize is that when it came to my “work” and creative projects, I did use a space more often than anywhere else: the bus!

Travelling from one place to another, I can often be seen, scribbling frantically on a notepad, jotting down the latest idea to do with my business, my latest blog post, general thoughts, handout sketches, designs for the next workshop, even PowerPoint story boards!

This is my “office”, I thought. This Is the place I jot down most of my creative ideas. Compared to being shut up in the house, staring at the walls, waiting for inspiration to come, being on the bus, being about to watch the world go by if I wish, seems to inspire my creative spirit.

As I make a note of always walking with a pen and notepad in my bag, commuting time, often an hour or so at a time, can be used so productively.

Being able to think in a flexible way, not stick to an idea that “work” has to be done in a set space, at a set time, has enabled me to produce some of my favourite work. Some of my most contemplative or enlightening moments happen whilst on the bus!

So I guess what I’m saying is that by having the flexibility in my thinking and doing, I’m able to live a more fulfilling and personally rewarding lifestyle.

As for the spare room, it can stay “spare” for now, until I find and choose a right use for it.

And as for my “office”, I’ll stick to the one I’ve got!

(c) Prosperity X

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