Fitness Frenzy!

Pilates:dicas de exercícios para trabalho abdominal, originally uploaded by metalifepilates.

For some reason recently the urge to get fit, to tone and sculpt my body, has got stronger and stronger for me, almost as if I’m on the edge of being swept into some kind of fitness frenzy!

“Maybe”, I thought, “it’s because of the fact that summer’s just around the corner, so it’s a time when many people want to ‘shape the body beautiful’”. However, upon reflection, I think there’s more to it than this.

I’ve never been one to be interested in the body or in physical things as a whole, but now I’m becoming more and more interested.

Money, material possessions and physical health, things that I’ve not shown much interest in, in the past, instead choosing to put my focus into spiritual and emotional development, are becoming increasingly more and more important to me.

For many years I’ve heard about the importance of living a “balanced” life. That we are “Whole” beings – mind, body, spirit and emotion and I guess in some way, I’ve tried to live that, theoretically, but not in actuality.

In theory, if I strive to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy, wealthy and fulfilled, then it would stand to reason that, by default, being physically, materially and financially healthy, wealthy and fulfilled, would be a natural part of the course to living a balance life and honouring myself as a complete and “whole” individual.

I think my new found drive to “define my abs and tone these-ceps and those-ceps” make sense to me when looked at this way – as a part of my bigger journey to fine tune, sculpt and create myself and my life to reflect all parts of who I am.

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