My Blog and I

What’s my blog about?

Currently the purpose of this blog is a way to express and communicate my reflections about life, the world and everyday experiences and that what I post will make for an interesting and thought/reflection provoking read.

What I write will be my ideas, thoughts and opinions which are constantly changing and open to change.  In no way will what I write claim to be “The Truth” for others, but my personal “Truth” as I hold and experience it at that time and will not be intended to harm or infringe upon any individual, group or law.

As I’ve never written a blog before I don’t know much about blog etiquette, how often I’ll post or whether what I have in mind for my blog will be what will transpire in reality.

As for other peoples’ comments, they will remain the express view and property of the individual author.  I am not responsible and will not be held liable for any offence, harm or legal infringement regarding other peoples comment or the content of any links connected to my blog site.

If there is any concern about something that appears on this site which you find offensive or harmful to you, please contact me directly by email (by writing a comment for moderation)  to discuss rectifying the issue.

I’m hoping this to be an interesting experience for all, as I don’t know where it will lead, however I’m open and curious to see what unfolds.

Prosperity X

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