The Bus…

London Bus, originally uploaded by f0rbe5.

…My Office!

I’ve often thought, “I need an office”. A space where I can do my work, write my blog posts, design courses and workshops, make business plans and similar things. A designated place to do all those things and other “work” related things.

I had thought, for a long time that the spare room, I now have since my daughter left home, would be great for that purpose. But over a year later, the room is still empty.

No desk, writing table, bookshelves or computer strategically arranged to maximise my creative and business potential.

I began to wonder why this was. Why, upon having this room, this space that wasn’t being used for anything at all, why I hadn’t moved my “work” and creative projects in there.

What I began to realize is that when it came to my “work” and creative projects, I did use a space more often than anywhere else: the bus!

Travelling from one place to another, I can often be seen, scribbling frantically on a notepad, jotting down the latest idea to do with my business, my latest blog post, general thoughts, handout sketches, designs for the next workshop, even PowerPoint story boards!

This is my “office”, I thought. This Is the place I jot down most of my creative ideas. Compared to being shut up in the house, staring at the walls, waiting for inspiration to come, being on the bus, being about to watch the world go by if I wish, seems to inspire my creative spirit.

As I make a note of always walking with a pen and notepad in my bag, commuting time, often an hour or so at a time, can be used so productively.

Being able to think in a flexible way, not stick to an idea that “work” has to be done in a set space, at a set time, has enabled me to produce some of my favourite work. Some of my most contemplative or enlightening moments happen whilst on the bus!

So I guess what I’m saying is that by having the flexibility in my thinking and doing, I’m able to live a more fulfilling and personally rewarding lifestyle.

As for the spare room, it can stay “spare” for now, until I find and choose a right use for it.

And as for my “office”, I’ll stick to the one I’ve got!

(c) Prosperity X

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One Persons’ Rubbish…

046/365 – Trash or Treasure?, originally uploaded by ( lindsey ).

I’ve been feeling really unworthy to write a post for my blog

“I don’t think anyone will read it and even if they do, I think that they’ll think it’s rubbish” have been the thoughts going around in my mind.

This has been my struggle. Thinking that I’ve got nothing worth saying.

It was only yesterday that I attended a course, in which I noticed that upon sharing our responses to certain questions, other people picked up on different aspects of what had been said. A couple of times, things that I’d mentioned on a passing note, had been commented on as having touched or triggered something in another, or some fleeting comment from someone else, had began a long lasting train of thought in my own mind.

That’s when I remembered the saying that , “One persons’ rubbish is another’s treasure”. That what could hold little value for one, might be of great value to another.

So after spending over a month thinking that I had nothing of value to say, here I am, writing about this realization, sharing it, as I’m sure I’m not be the only person in the world who has ever felt this.

Funnily enough, in all the years of “teaching” and facilitating different personal development groups, I’ve always found that what makes the most difference is people’s realization that they’re not the only one who feels or thinks “that way”, or who has difficulty in a particular area of life. The connections made within the group bring about the greatest transformations, and that’s often one of acceptance, more than change. For me, it’s always a joy and honour to behold.

Now, as I prepare to post this, I feel secure in the knowledge that I’ve fulfilled my commitment to myself to continue exploring the blogging journey I began in October and that just maybe, someone “out there” will find what I’ve written of use to them in their life.

(c) Prosperity X

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“Life is not a matter of having good cards…

card, wallet, originally uploaded by myong_joon.

…but of playing a poor hand well.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

There are times in my life when I’ve been able to live by this, and other times I haven’t.

For me, recently, I really, consciously realised what this quote meant for me and its potential implications and impact on my life in a practical way.

Having spent many previous year in different forms of counselling and therapy trying to come to terms with certain things that have happened in my life, I still found that underneath it all, was a persistent anger, a rage of unfairness, that things truly weren’t fair that I’d gone through all the things I had, when other people I knew hadn’t been through even half as much.

Ah, the unjustness of it all! It was just too much

Using the metaphor of a game of cards could be really useful to me.

The cards representing the things I’d got in life. The things and events which were out of my control and had a huge impact on me, especially in my childhood.

The dealer, representing, Life, The Universe, God, a Higher Power, who or whatever I held responsible for handing these events out to me.

Now, for years, in many ways, I’ve looked at my cards, examined them, talked about them with others, thought about the impact they had on me, often hoping that they’ll change in some way. That my number Five and Seven cards would transform into a Jack and Ace, so that I could win at the game. But alas, this was not the case.

Then the next strategy was to complain and plead with the Dealer. Maybe the Dealer could do something. Maybe the dealer knew why I’d got the cards I had and if I shouted at the Dealer enough, they could give me some new cars and replace the past events for something new.

“Maybe”, I thought, “The Dealer’s holding a grudge against me for something I’ve done wrong.” I thought that if I could work out what it was and find ways to appease the Dealer, then my cards would magically change into more useful ones.

My forth strategy was to try and forget about the cards. I’d continue playing the game, going through the motions, hiding and ignoring the cards under the table in the hope that no one would notice my cards were missing. This didn’t turn out well, as when it came to my turn, I had nothing to contribute.

The next strategy was to bluff my way through using the art of Modelling. I could study and model someone who’d received a better hand than me, copy what they were doing and bluff my way through the game. I could pretend I also had number Two and Four cards. This only worked for a short time, as in the end, it raised my anxiety level, due to fear that I’d be “found out” by the other players they’d really know that in my hand I had a Five and a Seven.

What I began to realise was that all these things were getting in the way of me making the most of the cards I’d got. Hence the affinity with the quote…, “Life is not a matter of having good cards,
but of playing a poor hand well. “

For me now, it’s about accepting that, yes, I got dealt a poor hand. I’d even say a really crappy hand, and just like in a card game, what the Dealer deals (unless they’re crooked!), is the luck of the draw, dependant on so many factors, so I don’t have to take it personally anymore. I don’t even have to justify to myself why what happened to me happened.

My job now is to look at my cards, focus on the objective and aim of the game and play my heart out. Because just like a Blackjack/Pontoon player, with number Five and Seven cards can win with a, “Five Card Trick”, it’s down to me to play my game well with the cards I’ve been dealt.

(c) Prosperity X

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I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want….

Chris Howard - Breakthrough To Success

I’ve been feeling very stuck over the past few weeks, knowing that I wanted to change jobs and develop my career, but unsure of what to do and how to do it.

And then it struck me.

After weeks of constantly thinking about what jobs I should do, talking to friends, utilizing different self-help techniques etc, I saw a picture, embedded in a website which I was looking at for another reason.  The moment I saw this picture, the whole of my mind, body and soul “said”, “Yes.  That’s what I’m meant to be doing”.

From that moment, my mind, having felt cloudy, confused and foggy for days, suddenly felt clear.  Even my body language and breathing changed.  I went from depressed to elated in 0.5 seconds!

This is what happens when you’re connected and in contact with your true desires.

Many years ago, whilst participating in a course, I came across an exercise which encouraged just that.

The instructions were clear.  Take a magazine/newspaper (one that is no longer needed) and take 5 minutes to go through it quickly and cut our any words or pictures that you feel drawn to.  Do it quickly, the quicker the better, giving less time to think about it.

When the 5 minutes are up, arrange the words and pictures on a piece of paper and stick them down.

Over the years, I’ve done this exercise a few times, and what I’ve found, each and every time, is that things been drawn to, weren’t always the things that I thought I wanted or thought I could have.   And I’ve been amazed at how certain things from those collages have transpired and materialized in my life.

This is the time of year when so many people make resolutions to start new things and stop old things.  Lots start off with strong motivation, but after a month or two, even a week or two, the motivation fades and they either go back to doing what they used to do, or stop doing the new thing they’ve begun.

I believe that a lot of this has to do with choosing to do, or give up things that aren’t right for them.  The fact is, if changes are made which at some level you don’t really want and the goal you work towards isn’t YOUR own goal, but someone else’s, you’re destined to either fail or succeed whilst feeling miserable and empty.

The only true success, is when it’s of your own design.

So I invite you, if you wish, to try the above exercise, and see how it works out for you.  Maybe you’ll be surprised to find out what you truly want.

I’d love you to let me know how you get on.

And as for my picture…. there it is, above!

Prosperity x

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The Most Beautiful Artist

London Eye Sunset by Michael Stenmark


A new morning rises, bringing pleasures
Of natures own delectable treasures
I look up into the bright blue sky
And see the clouds drifting by
I see the leaf-clad bushes and trees
Dancing and swaying in the breeze
Buzzing of bees and fluttering butterflies
The truth of natures’ essence it describes

My desire grows to seek out more
So I set out further to explore
The dew glistened grass smells so sweet
As the droplets disperse from under my feet
I study a beautifully fragrant flower
Recently nourished by a rain shower
From a poppy filled meadow as far as can be seen
Only nature knows what its’ secrets mean

I see lights peeping through a forest thicket
And hear the chirping of birds and also a cricket
From a home made, in a tree trunk hollow
As the day wears on, I willingly follow
The bubbling brook flowing down to the stream
To a vast mountain range, a breath-taking scene
In the distance, the waves of the rolling ocean
Back and forth, it’s life in motion

The cool summers’ wind blows through my hair
Taking away with it my troubles and care
Gazing a the horizon at the end of my search
For natural wonders spread throughout the Earth
The sun sets with its’ colours of brilliance
That manifests the unmistakable magnificence
Of the awe inspiring, genuine creator
The most beautiful artist is undoubtedly nature.

(c) J.P. 24 April 2001

This weekend on a trip with a very special friend, we visited St Pauls’ Cathedral in London.  Even with all its gold and glitz and glamour, I found that I wasn’t totally impressed, not until we climbed the many steps up to the outside gallery and I witnessed the sunset pictured above.

As I watched the sun setting over a cold and windy London afternoon, feeling truly moved, the final line from the preceding poem entered my mind.  It was then I realized that all I’d seen within the cathedral was an attempt to capture the beauty, grace and magnificence of what already exists.

I felt truly touched by the sunset and wanted to share it with you all.

Prosperity X

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What you do…

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” –

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above quote was one that I heard many years ago and has stayed with me.

What does it mean?  To me, it’s about integrity.  About having it, or the lack of it.  Integrity is the quality of having words and actions that back each other, that you’re “walking your talk”, doing as and what you say you’ll do.  Your actions correspond with your word and vice-versa.

Over the years, it’s come to make more and more sense to me.  There was a time, when I’d listen to partners, friends, relatives, telling me that they’d do something or be somewhere and I had inkling, from previous experiences with them, that they wouldn’t.

Of course, they’d let me down, arrive late etc.  Back then, I wouldn’t say anything, I’d either ignore my “gut feeling” or if I did raise the issue with them and they told me, hand on heart, that they wouldn’t let me down, etc, I’d back down.

Often though, when they did let me down, or not do as they said, I’d get annoyed with myself, for trusting them.  For putting their words, before my own experiences, what I’d seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears.

After years of “beating myself up”, feeling sad and angry with everyone and concluding that I couldn’t trust anyone to do what they said they would, I chose a different tack.

I started to look at my own integrity.  I looked at where I was truthful and lying to myself about my own life.  I took a personal inventory or my own personality, skills set and behaviour to get clearer about who I was.

What I found was the more “in tune” and honest I was with myself about who and how I was, truth and lies, the easier I found it to perceive other peoples levels of integrity.

What has this done for me?

It’s meant that when relating to others, I can be more direct and honest.  I don’t have to lie to myself and pretend that they’re going to do what they say they will, even though I know they won’t.  I can factor this in and make arrangements that are truer to what they actually will do, or I simply ask someone else instead.

Over the years, the more I’ve refused to collude with another’s pretence about their behaviour, the more it’s helped me live my life greater and greater integrity.

It’s now easier for me to say what I will do, and do it, as well as say what I won’t do and don’t do it.  It’s meant that not only can I commit more “whole heartedly” to the things I wish to be involved in, it’s also meant that I’m more reliable and “true to my word”, and that for myself, I’m more at peace within myself and my relationships.


Prosperity X




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Red Poppy. What’s it got to do with me?

.Awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest award for bravery

Private Johnson Gideon Beharry, awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest award for bravery

As a child and adult on Remembrance Day, I’ve always been told or encouraged to “Wear a poppy to remember what those, who died and fought for our freedom gave and sacrificed”.    This, like a mantra, each November, was repeated over and over and I never really understood or could connect the images that were displayed on the television, through war films and comedy series, on billboard posters or books in the school’s World War History lesson, of “someone else’s story”.  A story which I felt excluded from.

In the late 1990’s I became an avid visitor to the local library.  To me it became a treasure of information and my library card became my most valued possession!  It was here that I came across a book which was to provide the pictures, connection, answers and information for me in order to hold “Remembrance day” as something that is part of mine, my grandparents and future generation’s story.   This book was/is called, “We were there”.  A publication based on the Ministry of Defences exhibition of the same name.

So, it is with great reverence and respect, that I include the link to the following website for your own exploration:

“We Were There” Exhibition

Prosperity X

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Black History “Month”

Nubian Sphynx, originally uploaded by seriykotik1970.

I’ve been thinking, on and off, about posting something for Black History Month (October in UK). I’ve felt divided, as I feel passionate that all history and contributions from all races be shared regularly as an integrated part of education and everyday life, without there being a need for a designated time, month, day, week, for this to occur.

I do, however, accept that the truth of the matter of the world in which I live, is currently dominated by the story and contributions of one main people; meaning so many other important people and contributors world wide and throughout time have not got the recognition or acknowledgment of existence which they are due, through the very act of all people, countries and races having contributed in some way, shape or form to making the world the place it its today.

So, in light of this, I include a link to an audio track, a piece of music in honour and aid of the struggle that many “people of African descent”, (or whatever terminology fits for you) have in continually piecing together the pieces of their history and identity which was severed and shattered throughout the hundreds of years of inhumane mental, physical and spiritual enslavement of their African ancestors, and whose effects and impact can still be witnessed today.

Prosperity X

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Yellow Roses = Friendship, originally uploaded by “M” PEARL.


Maybe the task is not to forget
But to remember.
In the laying of Yellow Roses
One remembers, one accepts
And acknowledges the passing of what was
That it is gone now.

But through knowing them
And allowing them to know you
You’ve been changed.
Changed somehow, on some level, in some way.

And then you look up.
Knowing that that time is not here, now.
That that experience has passed
And you move on.

Clear in the knowledge that what was, is now a part of your memory
That, that experience will always exist inside you, as a part of your history
And of what lays the foundations of your journeys to come.

((c) J.P. 27/10/07)



I’ve wanted to post something for days, but have felt uninspired to write something. Is this “Writers’ block”? If so, I’ve never had it before!

Anyway, to solve my dilemma, I’ve thought creatively and decided to post a poem written a couple of years ago.

It marked the ending of a relationship and about how when a relationship ends, in whatever way and for whatever reason, we retain a part of knowing that person. Whether that’s a memory, a habit or skill we’ve acquired by being around them or even a quality we’ve developed in ourselves through their sharing a part in our lives. It’s about valuing and acknowledging what remains after the relationship is gone and how that continues with us in our present and into our future.

Prosperity X

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272/365 – Sadness, originally uploaded by elineart.

“Smile, it may never happen.” How many times, in my life, have I heard this? I was reminded about this a couple of evenings ago, on my journey home when I overheard some people talking. “….when people say, smile, it may never happen. But what if it has just happened?”

“What a valid point”, I thought. I used to hear this comment a lot, many years ago. My initial customary response would be to immediately flash a warm and beaming smile.

When I got to know myself a bit better my response changed and I’d generally maintain my facial expression and ask the speaker, “Why?”, or if I felt very upset, angrily bark back, “What, to make you feel better?”

Why respond angrily? Because after a while, I began to see it as an infringement of my right to facially express my genuine feelings. I also realised that strangers who said that weren’t saying it out of genuine concern, but as a way to manage their un-comfort ability or feelings they felt in response to seeing my unhappiness.

I very rarely hear or respond to that comment now. Maybe because, if people say it to me, I don’t really listen, as I’ve accepted that what they say has nothing really to do with me, so I continue to allow my face to express whatever feeling I have inside, whether smile or frown.

Prosperity X

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