An Hour Well Spent

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I wrote this post a couple of days ago:

I’ve just finished facilitating my first “Personal Development/ Self-Help” Book Club meeting and I feel so “right”, congruent, alive!

Having earlier debated on whether to postpone until next month, due to low attendance responses, I eventually decided to go, telling myself, “This is what you said you want to do, so go and do it, no matter if 1 or 10 people turn up, it’s a worthwhile venture”

So, off I went and facilitated a first book club meet, discussing “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway”, by Susan Jeffers. Sharing opinions on the book and its impact on our lives, I found really invigorating.

After tonight, I definitely feel inspired, motivated to keep plugging away at it, advertising, spreading the word and encouraging people to come.

So, I’m glad that when deciding whether to continue with it or cancel it, I used Susan Jeffers “No Lose Model” and came up with the idea that do the Book Club this month was definitely something I did want to spend an hour going. And, my gosh, was I right! It was one of the best hours I’ve spent in ages!

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“Smile, it may never happen.” How many times, in my life, have I heard this? I was reminded about this a couple of evenings ago, on my journey home when I overheard some people talking. “….when people say, smile, it may never happen. But what if it has just happened?”

“What a valid point”, I thought. I used to hear this comment a lot, many years ago. My initial customary response would be to immediately flash a warm and beaming smile.

When I got to know myself a bit better my response changed and I’d generally maintain my facial expression and ask the speaker, “Why?”, or if I felt very upset, angrily bark back, “What, to make you feel better?”

Why respond angrily? Because after a while, I began to see it as an infringement of my right to facially express my genuine feelings. I also realised that strangers who said that weren’t saying it out of genuine concern, but as a way to manage their un-comfort ability or feelings they felt in response to seeing my unhappiness.

I very rarely hear or respond to that comment now. Maybe because, if people say it to me, I don’t really listen, as I’ve accepted that what they say has nothing really to do with me, so I continue to allow my face to express whatever feeling I have inside, whether smile or frown.

Prosperity X

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