Autumn of change….


Autumn circles, originally uploaded by Eric Flexyourhead.

…Change is in the air. As autumn winds begin to blow, you can begin to let go of what was, release what is not relevant and make way for what will be. Autumn is also your time to harvest your creations, to make plans and to create new dreams. Slowly but surely the cycle turns.

Every once in a while, I encounter something which comes at just the right time and puts me back in touch with a deeper truth inside me, helping me “back on my path”. For me, the statement above, came at just this time.

I’d just come out of the doctors, having dealt with an ongoing matter and getting the result I’d hoped for, checked my phone and saw the text message waiting there for me.

As soon as I read it, it hit me profoundly.

It put me in touch with something I’d forgotten, with deeper beliefs which I’ve been frantically questioning lately due to a sudden and unexpected family bereavement.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my mind, and my belief that I can create and make things happen if I focus enough, want it enough and goal set enough. However, there’s a deeper truth. And that is, that underneath all this, there are certain principles, “Laws of Nature” operating regardless of what I’m doing or wanting and they have their own patterns, cycles and destinations.

At times in my life, I become separated from that “truth”. Battling and “fighting up-stream” to get what I want, without the awareness of myself as part of something bigger and not being in-touch with the more subtle, wider truths and vibrations of the “outside world”. Sometimes I think, “It’s just me, by myself and I have to create this or make that happen”. That I’m “all powerful” and at the centre of the Universe! Sometimes I do!

Regardless of whether I believe this at times, the reality is that I am impacted by, operate within and am a part of these “Laws” whether I like it or not. Purely by being on this Earth, psychologically/mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, I’m a part of the greater whole.

I find that when I’m aligned with this knowledge, I’m at ease with my life and I accomplish more things. Best of all, the things I achieve are aligned with a sense of my purpose, so I feel happy and assured that I’m “going in the right direction”.

It’s been a year since I began writing this blog, with my first post also drawing on the theme of autumn.

So much has happened and changed. My granddaughter, now a year old, is beginning to walk and talk. I’ve branched out in my life running a “personal development” themed book club, in person and on-line, and I’ve also noticed a change in myself of being more committed to the things I’m doing in my life and not being “thrown off balance” as much as I used to be.

Reflecting on the quote above, I ask myself, “What am I letting go of?” “What am I creating plans and making room for?” “What am I harvesting?”

I’m letting go of: Struggling with myself and my life and the loneliness of believing I’m creating it all by myself.

I’m creating plans and making room for: A more harmonious way to live my life, one where I live in alignment with the deeper and profound truths that reside within me – that I’m a co-creator and work in conjunction with the bigger and greater “Laws of Nature”.

I’m harvesting: The growth and development of my intuition, so I can utilize it even more when making decisions and taking action regarding my life and behaviour.

What about you?

(c) Prosperity X

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How…… Part 1


I thought I’d do things a little different this time. Where you, the reader, can actively join in.

I invite you to follow the link below and do the exercise:

It’s best if you really get into it.  After that, please let me know if you got on as well as I did :). I’ll tell you how I got on, in part 2…..

How….. Part 2

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How…… Part 2

… on Earth did I miss that?!

Recently speaking with a woman, I’d just met at a “meet up” group, we got onto the subject of “The Law of Attraction”, which sparked a lively debate about how we create our own reality. This reminded me of the psychology experiment.

The first time I came across it, I didn’t see the Gorilla either!!!

Even though I was aware of the theory behind it, I was surprised that I, who thinks of myself as “very observant” and “highly perceptive”, completely missed it!

It got me thinking about “Goal setting”. That well mentioned tool, used in business and general life, to get the job/task done. Whether they’re S.M.A.R.T. or otherwise, I wonder about the pros and cons of focusing, so exclusively, on what you want.

On one hand, I’ve found that when I’m exceptionally focused, I get things done and things that would normally distract, don’t seem to bother me at all. But with all this super pin-point focus, just as doing the experiment illustrated, I think I may have missed out on some really important things.

On the other hand, there have been times in my life, when I’ve been open to whatever happens, often with interesting results and really welcomed opportunities popping up that I wouldn’t have consciously searched for. But being too open has had its drawbacks, when I been so “open” that I’ve ended up “drifting aimlessly”, lost, without a sense of purpose or direction.

I wonder if there’s a way to have the benefits of both. Of being able to be focused enough on what I want to achieve, that I’m not distracted, but also have my perception “open” enough to see other things and opportunities. A way to be “Openly focused”, if there is such a thing, so that I don’t miss something so blinking obvious and wonder, “How on earth did I manage to miss that?”

(C) Prosperity x

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An Hour Well Spent

Time goes by, originally uploaded by Peters nik.

I wrote this post a couple of days ago:

I’ve just finished facilitating my first “Personal Development/ Self-Help” Book Club meeting and I feel so “right”, congruent, alive!

Having earlier debated on whether to postpone until next month, due to low attendance responses, I eventually decided to go, telling myself, “This is what you said you want to do, so go and do it, no matter if 1 or 10 people turn up, it’s a worthwhile venture”

So, off I went and facilitated a first book club meet, discussing “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway”, by Susan Jeffers. Sharing opinions on the book and its impact on our lives, I found really invigorating.

After tonight, I definitely feel inspired, motivated to keep plugging away at it, advertising, spreading the word and encouraging people to come.

So, I’m glad that when deciding whether to continue with it or cancel it, I used Susan Jeffers “No Lose Model” and came up with the idea that do the Book Club this month was definitely something I did want to spend an hour going. And, my gosh, was I right! It was one of the best hours I’ve spent in ages!

(c) Prosperity x

List of Life

List of Future Plans 26/365, originally uploaded by Jearvi.

Sometimes you can go into a relationship wanting one thing, but getting something else.

I went into a new relationship wanting to be looked after – to have someone to “do it all for me” (yes, very naive I know!) and here, 6 months later, I feel inspired to further establish my own career.

In theory, I’d expect myself to feel disgruntled and short-changed in some way, but on the contrary. What I feel is a growing sense of accomplishment and achievement, that I’m building and creating something.

This person is a very creative individual and often we, as human beings, rub our qualities off on each other.

Interestingly enough, the thing that attracted me to him in the first place, was a tag signature line at the bottom of his initial correspondence, “… create a great day”

I had a list in my mind, at the time, of what I wanted in a partner. Creativity wasn’t there at all. Or so I thought! But unconsciously, that’s something I desired.

My whole level of creativity is something that’s expanded. I used to draw, write poetry years ago as an expression of this, as a way to channel my feelings. I stopped doing that a couple of years back.

Now, I write. I put pen to paper and just let it flow. And I find that I really enjoy it. I really enjoy creating!

So, I guess, as always, what I’m saying is that sometimes, (maybe even more than sometimes) we think we want one thing, yet really want another, or alternatively, we leave off the “list of life” the one quality, person or experience, that will make our life even more incredible.

(c) Prosperity X

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Let me “Upgrade” me!

Reading in the round, originally uploaded by Let Ideas Compete.

I think “Self Help” books are a great thing, as long as I remember that they’re only books and aren’t going to change me or my life for me.

I’ve been reading various “Self Help” books for over a decade, from ones that tell me how to have better and more harmonious relationships, or ones that direct me to get in touch with my “inner self”, to books that  teach me how to create  financial wealth. I’ve read a whole array of them and am still constantly amazed at just how many new ones there are still out there!

There is some controversy around them though, that some people believe that the whole “Self Help” Movement has made people “Helpless” and has done more harm than good.

I look at it this way, I read the books which catch my eye and apply the ideas and techniques which I think may benefit me. If they work for me, I put them in my “Life Skills Toolbox” to use them with the next thing that Life throws at me (as long as I remeber I’ve got them!).  What I don’t find of benefit, I simply discard.

For me, reading “Self Help” books, as well as attending trainings and courses throughout the years has helped not only give me ideas and tools to use when life throws me a curve ball, but helped me develop some of my own strategies I use at different times.

So now many things that happen which used to, “Floor me”, don’t. I utilize the skills I’ve learnt and either work around what’s happened or recover more quickly.

I’m still me, but an “upgraded” version! And aside from this, on the whole, I enjoy my life even more now, which in itself makes all the reading and sometimes feeling silly when trying out new things, worthwhile.

(c) Prosperity X

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The Bus…

London Bus, originally uploaded by f0rbe5.

…My Office!

I’ve often thought, “I need an office”. A space where I can do my work, write my blog posts, design courses and workshops, make business plans and similar things. A designated place to do all those things and other “work” related things.

I had thought, for a long time that the spare room, I now have since my daughter left home, would be great for that purpose. But over a year later, the room is still empty.

No desk, writing table, bookshelves or computer strategically arranged to maximise my creative and business potential.

I began to wonder why this was. Why, upon having this room, this space that wasn’t being used for anything at all, why I hadn’t moved my “work” and creative projects in there.

What I began to realize is that when it came to my “work” and creative projects, I did use a space more often than anywhere else: the bus!

Travelling from one place to another, I can often be seen, scribbling frantically on a notepad, jotting down the latest idea to do with my business, my latest blog post, general thoughts, handout sketches, designs for the next workshop, even PowerPoint story boards!

This is my “office”, I thought. This Is the place I jot down most of my creative ideas. Compared to being shut up in the house, staring at the walls, waiting for inspiration to come, being on the bus, being about to watch the world go by if I wish, seems to inspire my creative spirit.

As I make a note of always walking with a pen and notepad in my bag, commuting time, often an hour or so at a time, can be used so productively.

Being able to think in a flexible way, not stick to an idea that “work” has to be done in a set space, at a set time, has enabled me to produce some of my favourite work. Some of my most contemplative or enlightening moments happen whilst on the bus!

So I guess what I’m saying is that by having the flexibility in my thinking and doing, I’m able to live a more fulfilling and personally rewarding lifestyle.

As for the spare room, it can stay “spare” for now, until I find and choose a right use for it.

And as for my “office”, I’ll stick to the one I’ve got!

(c) Prosperity X

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“Life is not a matter of having good cards…

card, wallet, originally uploaded by myong_joon.

…but of playing a poor hand well.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

There are times in my life when I’ve been able to live by this, and other times I haven’t.

For me, recently, I really, consciously realised what this quote meant for me and its potential implications and impact on my life in a practical way.

Having spent many previous year in different forms of counselling and therapy trying to come to terms with certain things that have happened in my life, I still found that underneath it all, was a persistent anger, a rage of unfairness, that things truly weren’t fair that I’d gone through all the things I had, when other people I knew hadn’t been through even half as much.

Ah, the unjustness of it all! It was just too much

Using the metaphor of a game of cards could be really useful to me.

The cards representing the things I’d got in life. The things and events which were out of my control and had a huge impact on me, especially in my childhood.

The dealer, representing, Life, The Universe, God, a Higher Power, who or whatever I held responsible for handing these events out to me.

Now, for years, in many ways, I’ve looked at my cards, examined them, talked about them with others, thought about the impact they had on me, often hoping that they’ll change in some way. That my number Five and Seven cards would transform into a Jack and Ace, so that I could win at the game. But alas, this was not the case.

Then the next strategy was to complain and plead with the Dealer. Maybe the Dealer could do something. Maybe the dealer knew why I’d got the cards I had and if I shouted at the Dealer enough, they could give me some new cars and replace the past events for something new.

“Maybe”, I thought, “The Dealer’s holding a grudge against me for something I’ve done wrong.” I thought that if I could work out what it was and find ways to appease the Dealer, then my cards would magically change into more useful ones.

My forth strategy was to try and forget about the cards. I’d continue playing the game, going through the motions, hiding and ignoring the cards under the table in the hope that no one would notice my cards were missing. This didn’t turn out well, as when it came to my turn, I had nothing to contribute.

The next strategy was to bluff my way through using the art of Modelling. I could study and model someone who’d received a better hand than me, copy what they were doing and bluff my way through the game. I could pretend I also had number Two and Four cards. This only worked for a short time, as in the end, it raised my anxiety level, due to fear that I’d be “found out” by the other players they’d really know that in my hand I had a Five and a Seven.

What I began to realise was that all these things were getting in the way of me making the most of the cards I’d got. Hence the affinity with the quote…, “Life is not a matter of having good cards,
but of playing a poor hand well. “

For me now, it’s about accepting that, yes, I got dealt a poor hand. I’d even say a really crappy hand, and just like in a card game, what the Dealer deals (unless they’re crooked!), is the luck of the draw, dependant on so many factors, so I don’t have to take it personally anymore. I don’t even have to justify to myself why what happened to me happened.

My job now is to look at my cards, focus on the objective and aim of the game and play my heart out. Because just like a Blackjack/Pontoon player, with number Five and Seven cards can win with a, “Five Card Trick”, it’s down to me to play my game well with the cards I’ve been dealt.

(c) Prosperity X

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