Autumn of change….


Autumn circles, originally uploaded by Eric Flexyourhead.

…Change is in the air. As autumn winds begin to blow, you can begin to let go of what was, release what is not relevant and make way for what will be. Autumn is also your time to harvest your creations, to make plans and to create new dreams. Slowly but surely the cycle turns.

Every once in a while, I encounter something which comes at just the right time and puts me back in touch with a deeper truth inside me, helping me “back on my path”. For me, the statement above, came at just this time.

I’d just come out of the doctors, having dealt with an ongoing matter and getting the result I’d hoped for, checked my phone and saw the text message waiting there for me.

As soon as I read it, it hit me profoundly.

It put me in touch with something I’d forgotten, with deeper beliefs which I’ve been frantically questioning lately due to a sudden and unexpected family bereavement.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my mind, and my belief that I can create and make things happen if I focus enough, want it enough and goal set enough. However, there’s a deeper truth. And that is, that underneath all this, there are certain principles, “Laws of Nature” operating regardless of what I’m doing or wanting and they have their own patterns, cycles and destinations.

At times in my life, I become separated from that “truth”. Battling and “fighting up-stream” to get what I want, without the awareness of myself as part of something bigger and not being in-touch with the more subtle, wider truths and vibrations of the “outside world”. Sometimes I think, “It’s just me, by myself and I have to create this or make that happen”. That I’m “all powerful” and at the centre of the Universe! Sometimes I do!

Regardless of whether I believe this at times, the reality is that I am impacted by, operate within and am a part of these “Laws” whether I like it or not. Purely by being on this Earth, psychologically/mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, I’m a part of the greater whole.

I find that when I’m aligned with this knowledge, I’m at ease with my life and I accomplish more things. Best of all, the things I achieve are aligned with a sense of my purpose, so I feel happy and assured that I’m “going in the right direction”.

It’s been a year since I began writing this blog, with my first post also drawing on the theme of autumn.

So much has happened and changed. My granddaughter, now a year old, is beginning to walk and talk. I’ve branched out in my life running a “personal development” themed book club, in person and on-line, and I’ve also noticed a change in myself of being more committed to the things I’m doing in my life and not being “thrown off balance” as much as I used to be.

Reflecting on the quote above, I ask myself, “What am I letting go of?” “What am I creating plans and making room for?” “What am I harvesting?”

I’m letting go of: Struggling with myself and my life and the loneliness of believing I’m creating it all by myself.

I’m creating plans and making room for: A more harmonious way to live my life, one where I live in alignment with the deeper and profound truths that reside within me – that I’m a co-creator and work in conjunction with the bigger and greater “Laws of Nature”.

I’m harvesting: The growth and development of my intuition, so I can utilize it even more when making decisions and taking action regarding my life and behaviour.

What about you?

(c) Prosperity X

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The Most Beautiful Artist

London Eye Sunset by Michael Stenmark


A new morning rises, bringing pleasures
Of natures own delectable treasures
I look up into the bright blue sky
And see the clouds drifting by
I see the leaf-clad bushes and trees
Dancing and swaying in the breeze
Buzzing of bees and fluttering butterflies
The truth of natures’ essence it describes

My desire grows to seek out more
So I set out further to explore
The dew glistened grass smells so sweet
As the droplets disperse from under my feet
I study a beautifully fragrant flower
Recently nourished by a rain shower
From a poppy filled meadow as far as can be seen
Only nature knows what its’ secrets mean

I see lights peeping through a forest thicket
And hear the chirping of birds and also a cricket
From a home made, in a tree trunk hollow
As the day wears on, I willingly follow
The bubbling brook flowing down to the stream
To a vast mountain range, a breath-taking scene
In the distance, the waves of the rolling ocean
Back and forth, it’s life in motion

The cool summers’ wind blows through my hair
Taking away with it my troubles and care
Gazing a the horizon at the end of my search
For natural wonders spread throughout the Earth
The sun sets with its’ colours of brilliance
That manifests the unmistakable magnificence
Of the awe inspiring, genuine creator
The most beautiful artist is undoubtedly nature.

(c) J.P. 24 April 2001

This weekend on a trip with a very special friend, we visited St Pauls’ Cathedral in London.  Even with all its gold and glitz and glamour, I found that I wasn’t totally impressed, not until we climbed the many steps up to the outside gallery and I witnessed the sunset pictured above.

As I watched the sun setting over a cold and windy London afternoon, feeling truly moved, the final line from the preceding poem entered my mind.  It was then I realized that all I’d seen within the cathedral was an attempt to capture the beauty, grace and magnificence of what already exists.

I felt truly touched by the sunset and wanted to share it with you all.

Prosperity X

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